A Dream Boss who will make your cynical heart BELIEVE….Ted Lasso (Apple TV)

A New Bestie (or two) who’s down to live out a true-crime podcast fantasy with you….Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)


A Best Friend Mr. Right you should be with instead of Your Current Boyfriend Mr. Wrong…. The Office (Peacock)

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I have to admit, I've bought the book but I haven't read it yet. This might be covered, but it's also what's keeping me from reading:

The term universal fantasy is just not working for me. Because a lot of the mentioned fantasies are not only not my fantasy but are actively on my Ick List.

Different strokes and all that, but I not only find these things unappealing intellectually but emotionally as well. A kidnapper hero? No thanks, he sounds like a jerk. I can get the intellectual appeal (obsession) and if I imagine Mike Cotler playing him as Lemond Bishop, I can actually feel the appeal for five minutes, but beyond the erm, short term uses of the fantasy, I can't get into it. And I do write sexy books but I don't write porn (or even erotica) so I can't really use that as a way into my books.

On the other end of the nice spectrum, I also tune out the Ted Lasso scenes where Ted is convincing everyone to believe. There are other things I like about the show (Rebecca as a HBIC I want to be) but that isn't one of them. And I'm well aware a lot of my "universal fantasies" are actively not aligned with my genre (see Rebecca as HBIC).

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